The legalities of love, drafting a prenup

(WXYZ) - If something were to happen to end the relationship between Tasha Watkins and fiancé Aaron Siepierski they both say they have a strong enough relationship to be fair about it.

"We know each other well enough, we would be able to come to a level logical agreement."

We certainly don't want to jinx them!

We met Tasha while trying on dresses at Ashley and Alexandria Bridal Salon in Southfield . She and Aaron are set to walk down the aisle June 29th.


Experts say however, while most couples feel that way it is good to be aware of the legalities of love.

"There's a misconception that prenups are just for wealthy people but it comes up in a lot of ordinary situations" says Editor in Chief Larry Bodine.


Yes, we're talking about prenups, but it's nothing to be scared about.

"If you have family heirlooms you want to keep in the family or if you want to set aside some specific assets for elderly parents...," said Bodine. 

For Aaron and Tasha, they say their premarriage prep comes from within. 

"We don't plan on splitting up, but no one plans on splitting. You just have to have faith it will work out and you're not in that position" said Tasha. 

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