The number of victims might be up to 11 in the recent BB or pellet gun shootings

CLARKSTON, Mich. (WXYZ) - The Oakland County pellet gun sniper may have struck again, and this time in a new city. 

You first saw this story on 7 Action News when the news broke.

“It was a typical Friday night.  We meet my parents for dinner and then a lot of times afterwards we’ll go and rent a movie,” said Kristina.

This past Friday night for Kristina and her family, that trip to the Clarkston Family Video happened to be anything but routine.

“Well it’s scary.  You’re just driving on your typical Friday night you wouldn’t think you’d have to worry about that,” she said.

The Waterford Township woman did not want her last name used in this story. She tells 7 Action News she didn’t think anything of the car tail gating her until she turned into the video store’s parking lot.  That’s when the mini van’s back window exploded.

“I thought they’d hit the back of our car or they’d thrown a rock at us or something,” said Kritina.

Now she’s afraid she might be another victim in the Oakland County pellet gun sniper.

“My niece had texted me and said she heard about that this was happening around and I was like, wow, I didn’t even know,” said Kristina.

The M.O. is consistent with the other pellet or BB gun shootings.  Since January 5, Auburn Hills Police tell us that the windows of ten vehicles in Oakland County have been shattered with a BB gun or pellet gun.  Kristina’s incident would be the first case in Clarkston.  Witnesses in other cases reported seeing a dark color four door sedan.

“All I could see in my rear view mirror when he was tail gaiting was headlights so I don’t know really what it was,” said Kristina.

She’s just thankful her teenage daughter, who was riding with them earlier was not with them.

“Had she been, we had glass up to the second bench of our van. So it would have been on them or hit them,” said Kristina.

Police have not recovered any BB’s or pellets from any of the cases.  Kristina reported the incident to the Oakland County Sheriff Department because the department covers the Clarkston area.  She has not talked with Auburn Hills Police.

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