The Pothole Killer: Does it work?

It's a solution to potholes that comes with a bold promise. But does the Pothole Killer work? Monroe County leaders certainly hope it can smoothen its bumpiest roads.

As road commissions scrape together as much as they can to fill potholes, the dollars they’re spending on temporary fixes just don’t make sense. Ask Monroe County Road Commission Chairman Bob Stammer.

“Already this spring, in labor and material, we’ve spent a hundred thousand dollars on patching roads." said Stammer.

With roads like these in Bedford Township, Monroe County is dying for a more permanent fix. It's why the Pothole Killer's coming to town.

“The Pothole Killer is a spray injection pothole filling," said Stammer, "Comes in as a truck mounted machine, and it blows any debris, loose debris in the hole, putting a coating of emulsion in there.”

The Pothole Killer made its way to Bedford Township two years ago to fix Samaria Road. It did a good enough job to for the county to invite them back, but the road still could use a little work.

“Right now, it looks like a $130,000 for a three month contract." said Stammer regarding the terms of leasing the machine and staff.

The Pothole Killer comes from a company out of Pennsylvania, but our Michigan neighbors in Kent County say the technology may not be best suited for cold conditions.

“The product is a liquid that’s 35% water.” said Kent County Road Commission Maintenance Director Jerry Byrne, “So that water needs to come out of the product like a latex paint, if you will, and in cold temps and damp conditions, the wait that you have for is slowed considerably.”

“We need to come up with a permanent solution so that we don’t have to hire the Pothole Killer," said Stammer, who says more state funds are needed for total road repairs, "And we don’t have to throw money into holes like we do now.”


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