The shell casing

The only significant piece of physical evidence left behind by the killer of Lisa Kindred is the casing from the small caliber bullet that pierced her heart.

At the time of Kindred's killing, police were unable to lift a fingerprint from the casing. Lawyers from the Wisconsin Innocence Project discovered a new Technology in Britain that might be able to lift a print. Developed by a scientist at the Northhamptonshire Police Department, the procedure involves applying fine carbon powder and a high-voltage electric charge. According to the Wisconsin Innocence Project, several police departments in the United States have solved cases by sending their shell casings overseas to be tested with this process.

In 2009, the Innocence Project asked Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to send the shell casing in the Kindred case to England for testing. The testing would be done at no cost to the taxpayers, but the prosecutor refused to do it.

The Wisconsin lawyers also tried unsuccessfully to get Judge Prentis Edwards to order the testing.


The Wayne County Prosecutor's office told Action News they refused to send the shell casing overseas for testing because there was no way to preserve the integrity of the evicence.

Read the prosecutor's statement and response from Wisconsin Innocence Project.

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