Police release new information in so-called pantyhose pervert case

UTICA, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police throughout metro Detroit are looking for a man who's being described as a serial flasher and he may have hit more stores than previously thought.

Late Thursday night, police released new information about the investigation.

Police believe the man, wearing nothing but a sheer pair of pantyhose from the waist down, has entered stores and businesses at least 17 times in ten separate cities. Most of the businesses cater to women and children.

Many places he visits are salons, where he usually inquires about a "Brazilian" wax.

Police have also released a description of the vehicle he may be driving. Before the man entered a salon on March 13th, surveillance video showed a silver 2005-2009 Jeep Cherokee driving by. Witnesses from other locations have also spotted a silver Jeep Cherokee leaving the scene.

There have been instances in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties. Police believe he struck twice Monday night; once at Plato's Closet and again at a store that caters to young girls.

"He was being suspicious, looking around and checking out some girls. "

Desiree Pfeiffer has worked at Plato's Closet for about a year now and she says what happened last night was by far the strangest thing that has ever happened to her while on the job.

He just came in, he said hi to me and he just started walking around.

That in itself isn't strange but what the man was wearing is.

"He was wearing see through pantyhose and I guess he wasn't wearing any underwear underneath," said Utica's Interim Chief of Police, David Faber.

What the individual was wearing was similar to what a man wore inside a salon on March 13 in Rochester Hills and in other stores throughout Metro Detroit.

"It was just before 9 as the store was about to close, the suspect walked into the store wearing some sort of jacket and some sort of see through panties, exposing himself.

Police say once he left Plato's Closet he walked next door to Justice Just For Girls and did the same thing with one exception. While inside Plato's Closet, police believe he may have made contact with a young female customer; and that move could have the bandit face much more serious charges once he's caught.

The chief said, "if he rubbed up against somebody, we could be looking at criminal sexual conduct."

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