The Talking Shoe from Google can talk to you, update web

(WXYZ) - We all have a favorite pair of sneakers that we like to run around in, but what if one of your sneakers had the ability to tell your friends what you were doing?

Would that be cool or annoying?

This Google invention gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: sticking your foot in your mouth.

It's called The Talking Shoe--a concept from Google that is designed to talk back to its wearer.

And at times, the shoe can actually be quite snarky. Not only will the shoe act like your best friend razzing you from your foot, it can also connect the wearer's activity to the Web.

How does it work?

Google says the shoe uses a combination of technologies, including an accelerometer-which captures the data from the moves of the user.

The data is then translated in real-time through an app on your phone into witty commentary.

Now, you can't go out and buy The Talking Shoe. It was created as part of a Google series of collaborative experiments to re-imagine advertising.

Read more about The Talking Show here:

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