Salt trucks in full force on the roads

(WXYZ) - Earlier Thursday, salt trucks in some counties sprayed a brine solution on the roads. The brine is a water solution saturated with large amounts of salt to make the snow melt faster.

Oakland County brought in 12 drivers around 7 p.m. and they expect to have around 23 by Friday morning. Macomb and Wayne Counties have also brought in all of their crews to work on the road conditions.

Even well-treated roads aren't enough of a defense for certain areas. Michigan State Police tell Action News there are problem roads that get even worse when the elements take over.

In downtown Detroit, the I-375 - I-75 connector is tricky for drivers. MSP says drive slow through this area and be extremely cautious during inclement weather.

Crashes and spin-outs are common. The curve along I-75 at 9 Mile in Hazel Park can also be a challenge. 

And if you drive through Milford on I-96, be warned. This is another place where accidents are very common. MSP troopers believe that even though it's not a winding road, the area has issues because of the sheer volume of drivers that travel that stretch.

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