Trash continues to pile up in metro Detroit, where are the garbage trucks?

(WXYZ) - More than a week after the flood and the trash continues to pile up, but where are the garbage trucks? 

It's not just one street, it's entire neighborhoods in Madison Heights where flood-soaked debris has been sitting curbside for days.

It's a constant reminder to families of what they've lost, and the stench is getting unbearable.

This past week has taken an emotional toll on Tim Hinley, and his entire neighborhood. House after house was flooded and so many people lost things that can never be replaced.

"My wife was trying to dry out VHS tapes, I told her, 'throw it away,' she started crying, these are our family videos … it's gone, it's all gone," said Hinley.

Jeff Muller is the assistant city manger for Madison Heights. He says trash crews are working overtime to get to every street, but due to the massive amount of debris, crews are running behind. 

It could be a few more days before relief comes to this neighborhood.

"Saturday alone... picked up 1100 tons of trash, 12 percent of what we picked up in whole year," said Muller. 


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