Trash piles high after flooding destroys belongings

DETROIT (WXYZ) - With cleanup under way in metro Detroit, the trash is beginning to pile up.   

Marge Taylor carefully laid out waterlogged pictures to dry in the sun. She's hoping to salvage a lifetime of memories, and knows, pretty much everything else in her house will have to go.

Marge's story is like thousands of other metro Detroiters.

Items they spent years collecting, ruined in just minutes. It's now trash.

Normal Saleh runs 866-XS-TRASH. His employees are working overtime to try and keep up with the long list of clients in need of help.

The days following a devastating storm can generate tons of trash and it has to go somewhere.

"We try to recycle at least sixty percent of what we collect," said Saleh, "but, unfortunately a lot of stuff has to go to the landfill."

Rules regarding how to dispose of flood damage debris varies city to city. It's best to check with your local community regarding how to properly dispose flood damage debris.

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