Tropical Storm Isaac affecting travel across the country

Some flights leaving Detroit Metro affected

As Florida braces for Tropical Storm Isaac the effects are being felt across the country. Airlines began canceling flights to and from Florida over the weekend, threatening to leave millions of travelers stranded.

The weather is certainly a big talker at airports across the country including here at Detroit Metro... The folks we spoke to  are doing what they can to plan around the storms arrival and airlines like delta, they're doing what they can to lessen the storms impact on their passengers.

"I would imagine if we can get people on flights... if they're not filled, I'm sure we can help them out. "

Dixie Gannon works for Delta Airlines. She says even she was surprised to learn of what the airline did for her neighbor, whose mother was traveling to Florida.

"They had waved the 150 change fee so that her mom could go on Sunday. "

That gesture is even more amazing when you consider that through Sunday, 654 flights were canceled; 573 for Miami and Fort Lauderdale alone.  All those flights were canceled because of Isaac, forcing many to make last minute changes and giving two newlyweds from Toledo their first big test.

"We actually go married at the Toledo Zoo... we had a really great time we had great weather," said Susan Sund, standing next to her new husband Chad.

"We're going to Orlando and we're going to try to go to Universal Studios if the weather holds up, but it's looking like rain everyday. "

Either way the happy couple says they are determined to have a good time even if they have to stay in their hotel room.

As for Isaac, it's still a tropical storm but none of us are out of the woods yet; even in as far north as metro Detroit.

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