Troy mayor recall effort on ballot

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - We are keeping our eye on one of the most controversial races today happening in Troy. Troy is the only city where people are trying to recall their mayor.

When we caught up with the mayor she told us it has been a difficult year.

"Nothing has gone the way I thought it would go with the entire term of office, but it's been a great learning experience and I have been very honored to be the mayor," said Mayor Janice Daniels.

A small crowd gathered outside the precincts with their signs for and against the recall.

Mayor Janice Daniels received a lot of criticism for her views on homosexuality after she posted a vulgar statement on Facebook this summer. A lot of people were not happy when she rejected the transit center and had run-ins with some city employees.

The residents who got angry formed the Recall Janice Daniels Committee. They group has been out in full force at the polls. Her supporters have been out there as well.

"We've seen tremendous support here today and in all the precincts around town. Lots of thumbs up, lots of people waving and appreciation and coming out and telling us they voted to recall Janice Daniels," said Matt Binkowski with the Recall Janice Daniels Committee.

"We had the whole thing with the Troy Library, the millages and shutting the library down, coming down with tax increase, after tax increase, after tax increase, kept honing it. She came in on a fiscal conservative basis and they are trying to thwart that," said Jeff Schaeper, a volunteer holding a ‘Vote No Recall' sign in support of Mayor Daniels.

If the mayor is recalled, the mayor pro tem would step in and the city council would vote on a new mayor that would fill the seat until a new election is held.

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