Tucker Cipriano testifies in court, judge denies motion to toss confession

(WXYZ) - The teenager accused of killing his father and seriously injuring his mother and brother in their Farmington Hills home took the stand Thursday in a pretrial hearing held at the Oakland County Circuit Court.

The judge denied a motion by the defense to toss a confession made by Tucker Cipriano on the day of the attack on his family at their Farmington Hills home.

Judge ruled that Cipriano's Miranda rights were not violated and that he voluntarily talked to detectives.

He testified he smoked K2 all day, the day before his family was attacked. He also admitted to using K2 on a daily basis.

Cipriano also admitted to ingesting mushrooms - drugs that cause hallucinations - the day before his family was attacked.

He testified that he remembered police coming to the home where he was in Keego Harbor around 8:00 a.m. on April 16. He said that he smoked K2 ten minutes before police arrived and arrested him.

In addition to smoking K2 and ingesting mushrooms, Cipriano also admitted to drinking alcohol.

Cipriano also testified that he had received therapy from second grade until he was 17 or 18.

The prosecution questioned Cipriano about what he remembered before and after the attack. Cipriano admitted that a friend helped him wipe off blood and admitted that he knew that some of the blood on him was his father's.

During questioning, prosecution tried to prove that Cipriano was aware in the hours leading up to and after the attack at the home.

It is the first time we've heard from Tucker Cipriano since the attack last April.

Cipriano and his friend Mitchell Young are charged with using a baseball bat to kill Tucker's dad and severely beat Tucker's mom and brother.

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