Tucker Cipriano, Mitchell Young moving closer to trial for baseball attacks on Cipriano family

(WXYZ) - The two young men charged in the April baseball bat attacks of the Cirpriano family are moving closer to trial.

Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young appeared for quick back-to-back hearings in Oakland County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

The two have confessed to breaking into the Cipriano family's Farmington Hills home and attacking three members of the family with baseball bats. Both defense attorneys will argue the confessions should be tossed out.

Cipriano's father, Robert, died from blunt force trauma. Cipriano's mother, Rose and 17-year-old brother, Sal, were critically injured in the attacks.

The key issue in Tucker's defense case will be the results of his psychological exam which was done at the state facility in Ypsilanti. His attorney, Mitch Ribitwer, wants to know if he's competent to stand trial and assist in his own defense. Ribitwer believes Tucker was psychotic during the fatal attack on his family.

Mitchell Young's attorney, Mike McCarthy is asking for Young's confession to be thrown out on the grounds that he was on medication and in the hospital with a broken jaw when he gave his statement.

During the attack, it is alleged that Tucker Cipriano hit Mitchell in the face with a baseball bat because they were arguing about the beatings.

McCarthy has also filed a motion asking for separate juries for each of the two young men. Their confessions could be used against each other at trial.

Cirpirano is scheduled to be back in court September 25 and Young on September 26 to take up these motions.

The trial is not expected to happen until after the New Year.

Ribitwer also told reporters that Rose and Sal Cirpiano continue to recover-- both are talking, walking and Sal is throwing around a football. He added that Tucker is very despondent about what happened.

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