Twitter comedy festival starts next week, collaboration between Comedy Central and Twitter

(WXYZ) - Ah, we all love a good laugh.  Now one channel known for its chuckle effect is throwing a comedy festival.

And it will all take place on social media.

Get ready for laughs on your Twitter feed. Comedy Central is teaming up with Twitter to bring the world #ComedyFest—don't forget the hashtag.

The festival will kick off this coming Monday on the 29th with a slew of  participating celebrities like Mel Brooks and the full cast of Reno 911!.

From April 29 through May 3, #ComedyFest will feature more than 50 comedians with 16 events .

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, one of the featured events is called Newsing—this involves comedians working from the weirdest and most relevant headlines of the day. Comedy Central says you may not become informed, but hey you'll laugh.

And Twitter will not be the only platform used to deliver laughs, one event has comedians using the new video app Vine which allows users to make 6 second video clips. Think that's not enough time to make someone laugh, guess we'll have to find out.

The festival is scheduled to kick off with Mel Brooks joining Twitter at 5 p.m. on Monday. The AP reports that the actor has been a holdout on the social media site.

To find a full list of the #ComedyFest events and the talent participating, go here:


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