Twitter launches new alert system

(WXYZ) - A new Twitter feature called Twitter Alerts is helping you get important and accurate information fast when you need it the most.

We've seen it happen in the wake of emergencies, people looking to Twitter for  the latest information, but sometimes that can be inaccurate and confusing. 

Now, you can sign up for an organization's Twitter alerts to receive reliable information during emergencies even when other communication services may be down.

Participating organizations like the American Red Cross will mark a tweet as an alert. Once it's marked, the information will then be sent out directly to users phone via text message or push notification. 

To subscribe to notifications, all you have to do is go to the organization's twitter alert page.

It's just name/alerts. 

In addition to the notifications, the alerts will also appear differently in your twitter feed marked with a little orange bell.

Twitter already has more than 70 organizations participating in twitter alerts. The service is available for government agencies, emergency services and any institutions that provide the public with critical information. 

To read more about Twitter Alerts, check out the company's blog here:


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