Twitter's plan for new targeted ads may have you checking your privacy settings

(WXYZ) - Twitter is on a mission to create more targeted ads for users, but that also means you may want to take a trip to your privacy settings and adjust a few things.

Twitter announced today on its official blog that they will soon start experimenting with a way to make ads more useful to their users.

It will basically show content that the user has shown interest in outside of twitter.

So, if you're a frequent visitor of a shopping or flower website, you may start to see ads on twitter relating to those sites you've been visiting.

Twitter says the sites will share browser-related information or a scrambled email with them, allowing twitter to match promoted tweets from that company to various user accounts. 

Now before you go deactivating your twitter account, there is a way to opt out of this.

Head on over to your account settings, scroll down to "'personalization" and then uncheck the box that reads "tailor twitter based on my recent website visits."

The twitter blog says that is the only place you need to disable this feature.

And viola, back to normal.

Of course, if you want the targeted ads, just leave the box checked.

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