Two masked men bust door, stab resident in Genoa Township

GENOA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - Livingston County investigators continues to look for two men connected to a home invasion turned stabbing. Residents living near the scene say life along the relatively quiet neighborhood may feel a little different.

Ask anyone living at the Hampton Ridge Condominiums in Genoa Township and they'll tell you this is a safe place to live, which is why a recent home invasion caught everyone by surprise.

"Come back downstairs, cops are shining lights right by my door," recalls neighbor Gary Slyfield, "I'm thinking, ‘What's going on?' I peek out and saw there were seven other cop cars."

The usually quiet driveway near Slyfield's home turned into a crime scene, when Livingston County Sheriff's officials say two men busted through the door of one of Slyfield's neighbors, both wearing Halloween masks. Investigators say the masked men demanded money, then stabbed a 26-year-old man multiple times in the abdomen.

"[The Sheriff's Department] had people out looking for stuff in the drains and in the roads." said Slyfield, "I didn't know what was going on. Found out this morning it was a home invasion, kicked the doors, guys in masks. I got two young kids, we walked these streets at night because it's when I get home. For us to go for a walk at 11 at night, it's kind of scary now."

Investigators say the victim was taken to U of M hospital, listed in stable condition. Also injured, the man's two year old, when his girlfriend grabbed the child to run away from the suspects and fell. Investigators say the toddler sustained minor injuries.

"I grew up in the area," said Slyfield, "And this is the first I've heard of anything like this in this area. It's really scary to see the world coming to this."

if you have any information on this incident, you're asked to call the Livingston County Sheriff's Department.

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