Two men invade home in Lincoln Park, shoot at resident and the resident fired back

A 69-year-old Lincoln Park man says two men broke into his house on Thursday and gunfire was exchanged with one of the men.

John Cunningham says he was in his basement using the computer when he heard a loud crash upstairs. He then went upstairs to find two men, one carrying a gun that John says the suspect must have found in the bedroom.

John says one of the suspects jumped out the window to flee and the other fired five bullets at the 69-year-old, miraculously not striking him. John says he then fired back at the remaining suspect until he jumped out of a closed window to escape, cutting himself while getting away.

John called police and they found the suspects a few blocks away.

John says "I am glad I didn't have to kill anyone and I'm glad I didn't get killed."

John's daughter Lori, through tears, says her emotions over what happened are so raw. She says this has hit her harder than she ever dreamed.

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