TRACK SANTA: The 2 best ways to track Santa Claus with maps of his sleigh on the web

(WXYZ) - Santa Claus is coming to town and NORAD isn't the only one tracking the big guy this year.

NORAD has been following Saint Nick's trip around the world since 1955, and may be the biggest name in Santa tracking.

But this year, Google is getting into the game, following the big guy's journey. Google will use Google Earth and a mobile app to track Santa's location this year.

NORAD had been tracking Santa with Google Earth since 2004, but this year the two entities went their separate ways. NORAD has formed a partnership with Bing Maps.

To go old-fashioned, you can also call NORAD's Santa hotline, (877) HI-NORAD, to talk to one of the hundreds of volunteers available to answer Santa questions.

In 2011, The NORAD Tracks Santa website attracted 18.9 million visitors from 220 countries and territories.

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