Union organizers to train protesters in civil disobedience

DEARBORN, Mich (wxyz) - Union organizers will be at UAW local 600 in Dearborn on Saturday to train protesters in "civil disobedience" before they head back to Lansing on Tuesday.

They want those opposed to the right-to-work legislation to know how to let their voices be heard without getting arrested or in any other kind of trouble. 

The training will take place at the union hall on Dix Rd. between 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Davids Hecker, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, says the governor and the lawmakers need to know the people are not going away and even if the right-to-work laws pass, civil disobedience actions will be taking place for the next two years until the next election for Governor.

"I have rights and I will stand up for them," said retired school librarian Judy Schram. "Otherwise someone will try to take them away."

Chris Duprey who comes from a long line of union workers says, "I don't want to be angry or confrontational, but I don't want right-to-work to come to our state."  He plans to be in Lansing on Tuesday.

On Thursday, hundreds or demonstrators filled the Capitol rotunda, shouting loudly to let the lawmakers know how outraged they were that they passed parts of the legislation. There is a chance it could pass on Tuesday and that's why hundreds are expected to converge on the Capitol once again.

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