Vacant Detroit school target for scrappers

(WXYZ) - Crossman Alternative High School in northwest Detroit is owned by the Detroit Public School district and is up for sale. 

If things keep going they way they have been, pretty soon, there won't be much left of the place.  Scrappers have picked it apart.

Former educator Veda Sherman things schools are sacred and is devastated to see what's happened to the historic school building. 

"I am very devastated," said Sherman.  "It was a beautiful school and a lot of people learned to read there."

She has watched scrappers carry out load after load.  She's called police.  She's called DPS.  She wants the place secured before to preserve what's left and to protect area kids. 

"I want to see that at least the school is boarded up.  I'm afraid someone's going to be hurt." said Sherman.

A spokesperson for DPS released the following statement: 

Detroit Public Schools has intensified its efforts to identify buyers for our surplus real estate.  The District continues to work aggressively to sell and lease its unused buildings to individuals and organizations that have creative ideas for enhancing the neighborhoods in which they sit, including an upcoming Real Estate Conference for developers.  There are currently 88 such properties.

We know that we have a  responsibility to be good stewards within the communities in which we own property, be it open or closed schools. Although the District has limited resources, it takes its responsibility to secure and maintain its properties very seriously, and is working hand in hand with the State of Michigan and the City of Detroit in their ongoing neighborhood stabilization efforts. We are also actively working to develop partnerships with local, regional and national organizations to assist us in these efforts.

We also can confirm we received a below market offer on this property, and while we will consider this and other offers, we are encouraging those who have made below-market offers to consider a reasonable offer. We are contacting all parties.

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