Veteran needs glasses to see, contacts Call for Action team for help


At 95 years old, Daniel Danielnak of Clinton Township shows off the special electronic reading machine he has to use to read his mail.

For years, Danny has suffered with failing eyesight.

But over the past two years, he says he has gone almost completely blind. Danny says he can't see more than three feet in front of him.

Once a muscular, golden gloves boxer in the United States Navy, Daniel is a veteran who served his country bravely in World War II.

Ever since his beloved wife of 68-years died, he has struggled all by himself.

Now, Daniel says he wants nothing more than just to be able to see clearly again.

Daniel says when he went to the V.A. Hospital in Detroit approximately a year ago, he saw a number of different doctors, but was not able to get a new pair of glasses to fix his failing vision.

So, with no one else to help him, Danny called Channel  7.

 "If I die soon, at least I'll die with a smile on my face, able to see at least", Danny says.

Channel  7 contacted the Veterans Administration today and we were told thanks to our inquiry,

Danny will get the help he desperately needs.

A spokesman for the VA told us quote:

"We appreciate the advocacy of Channel  7 on behalf of our Veterans.  Mr. Danielnak enrolled at the Detroit VA Medical Center in spring of 2011 and actively received care for his eye condition from May 2011 to August 2011.  It is neither the policy nor the practice of VHA or this medical center to restrict care based on age.  Mr. Danielnak is still eligible for care at this medical center and we would be happy to facilitate any appointments to resume his care here should he choose to do so."

Danny's first appointment to check his eyes is set for this coming Monday in Detroit

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