VIDEO: Bulldog manages to escape an elevator disaster after leash gets caught in elevator doors

(WXYZ) - A distraught bulldog manages to escape an elevator disaster. It's the latest YouTube video to go viral.

WATCH the video below.

Security cameras were rolling at a Chicago apartment building when a dog becomes trapped outside the elevator doors.

The video shows a man quickly walking onto an elevator, while the pooch was distracted by a woman in the hallway.

Moments later, the elevator doors close and the dog is seen being pulled towards the ceiling.

Luckily, the bulldog's leash snapped, sending the dog back to the ground unhurt.

A camera located inside the elevator shows the dog's owner frantically pushing buttons to try and open the doors, and prevent the elevator from going up.

In his panic, the owner says he never thought to let go of the leash.

The incident did leave him with a broken bone in his hand and a fractured wrist.


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