VIDEO: Coast Guard rescues man stranded on ice floe in Lake Erie

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WXYZ) - A coast guard helicopter crew rescued a man early Saturday morning after he became stranded on an ice floe in Lake Erie.

Just before 2:30 a.m., watchstanders at the Coast Guard Sector Detroit overheard radio communications about a person stranded on the ice. After callouts, they heard the Frenchtown Township Fire Department was on the way to Sterling State Park to respond to the man.

A helicopter from the Detroit Coast Guard station and an ice rescue team from the Toledo Coast Guard station responded, while the watchstanders were able to speak to the man on his cell phone.

The man said he was wearing a full exposure suit but had no other equipment other than a phone and GPS.

Helicopter crews were able to work with crews on the ground to get the man's position.

When the helicopter arrived, they noticed the ice floe he was on was completely surrounded by water. They rescued the man and he was taken to Custer Airport in Monroe. He was met at the airport by emergency EMS and was treated at the scene. The man will be ok.


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