VIDEO: Lady Gaga stops show at Meadow Brook to take selfie with photo-taking fan

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Lady Gaga briefly halted her Monday night concert with Tony Bennett at Meadow Brook Music Festival to take a selfie with an enthusiastic fan.

The fan, seated in the front row, had been taking photos non-stop on his phone. Lady Gaga said she would take a selfie with him if he stopped snapping photos and relaxed.

In a video captured by 7 Action News videographer David Kalman, you can see the fan take his selfie with Lady Gaga and then react with great excitement.

"My whole generation is high on their cell phones," Lady Gaga said to the crowd after she paused the show. Many in the audience were from an older generation, there to see the 88-year-old Tony Bennett who was performing with her.

The fan identified himself as Benny from Ohio. He said Lady Gaga saved his life and made him happy to be who he is.

On Twitter, other fans posted about Benny's selfie with Lady Gaga.


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