VIDEO: Powerball winner may have been spotted on Maryland surveillance camera

Man repeatedly yells "I won!"

BALTIMORE (WXYZ) - A remarkable scene was caught on camera at a Maryland gas station Thursday.

A man who appeared to be a construction or highway worker walked into a Marlboro Village Exxon and customers say he walked out a multi-millionaire.

After taking his time getting to the counter, the mystery man appears to check a handful of Powerball tickets.

Within seconds, he starts pumping his fists and yelling.

Watch the video below for a full report from our E.W. Scripps sister station, WMAR in Baltimore.

A clerk at the station says he and several customers looked at the ticket and confirmed his good fortune.

"He couldn't believe it, he was ecstatic, everybody checked to see if he was seeing things. He wasn't seeing things, he had the right numbers," says clerk Nagassi Ghebre.

Lottery officials confirmed early Thursday that two winning tickets would split the record-setting $587 Million Powerball jackpot.

One was sold in the Kansas City suburb of Dearborn, Missouri and has already been verified. 

Winning Powerball ticket verified in MO

According to a lottery official, the second winning ticket was purchased at a store near Scottsdale, Arizona.

One witness in the gas station says the man didn't buy the ticket in Maryland.

If the man spotted on surveillance video turns out to be the Scottsdale winner, he'll have to return to Arizona within 180 days to claim nearly $200 million.

According to an Arizona lottery official, the ticket was bought in a store near Scottsdale. The man would have to return to Arizona to turn in his winning ticket within 180 days.

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The numbers drawn Wednesday night were 5, 16, 22, 23, 29. The Powerball was 6.

The huge payout represents the second-largest jackpot in U.S. history and the largest for Powerball.

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