People find silver lining during metro Detroit floods

(WXYZ) - The flood damage across metro Detroit from Monday night’s storms is not something to take lightly.

But, as the famous quote from author Vivian Greene goes, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” So, some viewers decided to have a little fun or make other people smile despite their own flooded basements and/or neighborhood damage.

A sweet picture submitted by Brenda Hallgreen is a sign that reads “if your car is stuck, come on in.” Her 7-year-old son hung up the sign on their window, inviting people who are stranded to take comfort inside their home. Her mom says he is a sweet little guy with a great heart.

One man submitting this picture wrote that he is trying to have a little fun despite the bad situation.

We’ve seen many people in canoes and kayaks on the flood waters, but these two viewers who submitted photos have created vessels that sure are interesting.

And who says humans should get to have all of the fun? One of our viewers submitted this photo of her dog paddle-boating along.

Now, one of the most comedic submissions of the night was from 25-year-old Ali Hachem from Dearborn. Ali tells 7 Action News that his parent’s basement started to fill up fast. While his family was trying to get everything to a higher level, they started to realize that there were some items and furniture that just wouldn’t be able to be saved. So, they did what any two fun-loving brothers would do, they made a hilarious Instagram video.

“After seeing the basement, she was devastated, but when I showed her the video she started laughing, it was to help get our minds off of what had happened,” said Ali.

Ali says his family is almost done cleaning up the basement.

“Instead of getting mad about something, just have fun with it, why get mad when you can laugh?”

South of 9 mile, between VanDyke and Hoover in Warren

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