Vigil held for mother, daughter murdered in Clinton Township

(WXYZ) - Clinton Township residents spent Wednesday night praying for peace, strength, and clues as police continue to piece together the double homicide of a mother and her 11-year-old daughter.  

Just outside the murder scene, people gathered at a makeshift memorial, full of stuffed animals, candles, and flowers. Those who knew Tina and Chrissy Geiger came together in hopes of shedding new light on the investigation.

Fighting an evening full of clouds, the flicker of tiny candles helped light the darkness of tragedy outside the front steps where Tina and Chrissy Geiger lived and died. 

"My sister was loved around here by all the neighbors, I'm just glad for that," said Cheryl Gladieux, an aunt and sister to the victims. 

The vigil started with more than a hundred people bowing their heads just outside the murder scene.  Not only were family members on hand, neighbors like Jerry Ely also paid their respects.

"Very good person, outspoken person. Her and her daughter were very close. When you see one, you see both of them together," said Jerry.

"She's been my friend for years," said Darlene Spry.

Darlene Spry put her grief on paper. The poem too painful to read on her own asked loved ones to hold on. 

And as Tina and Chrissy's loved ones hold onto each other, their prayers hold onto hope, on a night when tears fall heavy as the rain.

"That's all I ask is for-- prayers that they find out who did this. That's all," said Cheryl. 

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