Vinsetta Garage in parking lot war with Berkley residents

(WXYZ) - People living near a popular restaurant in Berkley are hoping to put the brakes on plans for a new parking lot for its customers.

Vinsetta Garage on Woodward is hoping to sway the Berkley Planning Commission to rezone the land where three homes on Oxford currently sit so they can add a parking lot.

But people living nearby plan to flood Tuesday night's planning commission meeting because of the impact living next to a parking lot will have on their homes.

"The property values will go right down the, I'm 89, I don't care. I'm not going to be around that long, but these kids here paid through the nose for their homes and they take good care of their homes and for them to come in like that, I think that's terrible," said resident Jack Guirey. 

"We definitely understand their concern...and we are definitely empathetic and want to work with them so get a plan to achieve everyone's goals," said Jeff Wells, manager of Vinsetta Garage.

Residents are hoping the restaurant utilizes other parking options before tearing down the three houses for the parking lot that would eat into their neighborhood.

On Monday night, neighbors gathered to come up with a strategy for Tuesday's meeting. 

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