Virtual fitting booth helps shoppers select clothing based on body type

(WXYZ) - Shopping can definitely be enjoyable, but when it's time to buy jeans or a new outfit, it can sometimes turn into a nightmare experience.

But, one company is looking to change all of that with their virtual fitting booth. 

With most of their locations on the east and west coast, a company called Me-Ality is making the  shopping experience a breeze by eliminating all of the decision-making by choosing outfits for you. 

The concept is simple. A shopper is in a department store, overwhelmed with countless styles and brands to choose from—so, they'd just step into the booth.

In a matter of seconds, the booth will scan over 200,000 points of reference from a person's skin to determine the best shape, style and fit for that shopper's body type.

Just this week, Me-Ality announced a partnership with Bloomingdales. The department store will now be offering the sizing stations in five of their stores.

Me-Ality's PR manager tells 7 Action News that they have close to 30 stations across the United States.

For more information on Me-Ality, go here:

What do you think about virtual fitting booths? Would you like the assistance or do you prefer to figure it out yourself? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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