Visitors can interact with browser sculpture

(WXYZ) - One sculpture on display in Vancouver has a techy-twist that will take your breath away.

One of the largest textile sculptures ever created was just revealed on the city's waterfront—and the best part: it’s basically an open canvas for visitors equipped with a mobile device .

The piece is called Unnumbered Sparks and it’s a Google collaboration to celebrate the 30th annual TED conference that's being held in the city.

The sculpture is made from ultralight fibers, hanging from nearby buildings to create a sprawling canvas.

Google says on its company blog that the piece is actually a web browser and the interactive lighting is actually one giant Chrome window.

Visitors can interact and change the sculpture by opening a website on their smartphone and after selecting a color, they can trace paths along the surface of their mobile device.

Their finger movements are then projected onto the piece as real-time colorful strokes of light.

Google hopes that this project will showcase the opportunity for mobile devices and web to play an integral part as art and technology continue to evolve together.  

Check out more video of the sculpture here: 

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