Volunteers help clean up mountain of illegally dumped tires, city crews expected to remove them

(WXYZ) - A family that had been worried about someone setting fire to a pile of illegally dumped tires next door, finally has some peace.

Several months ago, two guys in a U-Haul truck pulled up to a vacant house on Robson Street in Detroit and started unloading hundreds of tires. 

When Reginald Sturdivant confronted them, they took off before he could a license plate number. They were long gone, but the mess wasn't.

For months, neighbors say they begged for help, but got nowhere. 

The tires were so close, the Sturdivant's were concerned about critters and a fire. When they couldn't get results, they reached out to Action News and our Ronnie Dahl. 

One week after getting involved, the massive mountain of tires has been cleaned up. 

Neighbors helped in the effort. Volunteers spent the weekend hauling hundreds of tires from the backyard and driveway to the curb to make it easier for city crews to remove. 

With the tires accessible, city workers were able to haul them away.  

"Thank you," said Tommie Sturdivant.  "If it weren't for you, this wouldn't have got done."

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