Volunteers serve members of the military at Detroit Metro Airport

As we take time to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country this Memorial Day, volunteers are working to improve the lives of our current servicemen and women.
The acts of patriotism happen across the country.
One place you will witness it every day is at Detroit Metropolitan Airport where the Freedom Center opens its doors to veterans, servicemen and women, and their families.  
For active duty members of our military, it can be a much needed resting place. It offers those traveling food, drink, and a place to relax.
“Its comfortable after sitting coach for 11 hours,” said Esteban Ramirez.
An 18-year-old soldier stationed in South Korea stopped at the Freedom Center after a flight back in country. He is still hours away from landing in Orlando where he will visit family. He sits in a nice chair eating snacks provided by the Freedom Center plotting a creative way to shock his mom when he shows up at home with no warning today. 
“One scenario is getting in a giant box and having my friend leave me on the front porch," said Ramirez.  "Another one is acting like I am just coming home from school.”
About 60 volunteers keep the place running. It is located in the McNamara terminal.
If you want to contribute to the Freedom Center's cause you can learn more about it at http://mifreedomcenter.org
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