Voters react to mayoral primary disputes

DETROIT (WXYZ) - As the roller coaster ride of Detroit's mayoral race moves closer to November, some say the disputes over the primary have shaken their confidence in the system.

"They need to work out some bugs." said Detroit resident Cynthia Nelson, referring to the system put in place to count write-in ballots.

The fluctuating vote totals give residents like Nelson reason to pause. But she points out while the numbers between Mike Duggan and Benny Napoleon have shifted back and forth, it's time now to focus on the issues leading up to November.

"They're the ones that qualified for November." said Nelson, "So use those two and let's work with that. And get the count right."

But are the voters confident November's numbers will yield accurate results? Wayne State Law School Interim Dean Jocelyn Benson says the drama over hash marks will no doubt rub some voters the wrong way.  

"Well, it's certainly shaken the confidence of many voters in the outcome of this election, and that's unfortunate." said Benson, "Because at the end of the day, this was a procedural debate between how to count write-in votes. And we're really in an unprecedented election cycle where you have this significant number of write in votes for the first time in decades."

Benson says voters should remember the state canvassing board concluded every valid vote should be counted. 

"And so voters should have every confidence moving forward that participating in the election this fall will ensure their voices are heard." said Benson.

"I still have faith in Detroit." said Nelson, "I'm very confident."

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