Voters to decide fate of Detroit Public Library in Aug. primary

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit voters will decide the fate of the Detroit Public Library on the August 5 primary ballot.

The vote will decide if the Library continues its current operating millage of four mills, which supplies 86 percent of its operating budget.

The proposal will renew the four mill operating millage for 10 years. It will not increase taxes, but simply extend the current levy.

If the proposal doesn't go through the current millage will continue through June 30, 2015. After that time, the library would lose a majority of its operating budget.

The library currently has over 300,000 Detroiters with library cards, according to the Executive Director of the Library, Jo Anne G. Mondowney.

"Without the millage we would have to close our doors and all of those citizens would go unserved," Mondowney said. "We want voters to be fully informed about what is at stake for all Detroiters. The Detroit Public Library provides unique and irreplaceable access to the digital world. If that access were taken away, it would be devastating for many people who rely on us."

More than 700,000 visitors used one of the Library's 700 computers, thousands more used the free Wi-Fi service offered, and 1.8 million books, manuscripts, DVDs, audio books and magazines were checked out in 2013.

The DPL is the largest public library system in Michigan.

The Detroit Public Library website has more information on the proposal.

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