Warning to homeowners looking for a copy of their property deed

If you're looking to get a copy of your property deed, Macomb County officials have a warning for you.
They say there are out-of-state companies sending letters out to residents that offer to provide copies of property deeds for a price. One company charges $69.50 and another charges $83.
County officials say what the companies are doing is legal, but they believe those companies are taking advantage of homeowners.
Deborah Paton says she paid $69.50 for a copy of a deed from one of those companies several months ago, but has yet to receive it.
When she called the Macomb County Clerk's office, she realized that private company has no affiliation with the county even though the letter states that at the bottom.
"In today's times, that's a lot of money," says Paton.
That's why county officials want residents to know getting a copy of your deed is easy and much cheaper if
you go directly through their office.
If you go online it's $6. If you visit the Register of Deeds office in Mt. Clemens, a copy of your property deed will cost you $1 per page and an additional dollar if you want it certified.
Click here for a link to the county's website http://deeds.macombgov.org/
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