Warren police arrest "career criminal" after robbery and chase

(WXYZ) - Warren police say they've arrested a "career criminal" after he robbed a 7-11 overnight.

The crook slipped into the store around 1 a.m. on Friday. The only person in the store at the time was the clerk who suddenly felt a gun pointed right at him.

"He certainly displayed his weapon in an aggressive, violent way. He was poking the gun into victim's ribs and then pointing it right at the back of his head," says Dep. Commissioner Louis Galasso of the Warren Police Department.

The thief demanded cash and lottery tickets. Within a couple of minutes, the crook filled his bag and ran out of the store that's on 9 Mile near Ryan.

Investigators say that the crook grabbed some crates he found outside the 7-Eleven and stacked them against a wall in order to make his escape. He stepped on the crates and jumped over the wall and ran to a getaway car that was waiting for him. Police say his friend was in the passenger seat.

Within 30 seconds, Warren police say the chase was on.

Investigators say the robber was the driving the getaway car and was going as 95 miles an hour through the neighborhoods.

The chase ended when the car ran into a fence. Both of the guys bailed and police arrested the passenger, but say the robber got away.

As he ran from the cops, investigators say the robber ditched the cash and lottery tickets .

Friday afternoon, Warren's special ops unit tracked him down and arrested him at his girlfriend's house.

"He's a career criminal. He's been engaged in criminal activity since 1993 such as home invasions, dangerous drugs and felonious assaults throughout the metro area.

Police say he's a 39 year-old man from Romulus.

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