Attorney Geoffrey Fieger speaks on passing of Jack Kevorkian

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Attorney Geoffrey Fieger held a news conference Friday morning to speak about the passing of his former client, assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian.

During the news conference, Fieger said that Kevorkian did not suffer and was not in pain when he died. He praised Beaumont Hospital for the care that Kevorkian received.

Kevorkian died Friday morning at the age of 83. Fieger defended Kevorkian in his six murder trials. The pair became known for their controversial court battles.

Fieger told reporters that Kevorkian always fought for the rights of his patients and thought it was every physician's duty to help dying patients who are suffering.

"He was a physician who had an acute sense of compassion and respect for the dignity of his patients. He simply felt that it was the duty of every physician to alleviate, to overcome the patient's suffering," said Fieger

While speaking, Fieger talked about how Kevorkian risked his own life for the rights of patients who wanted to end their own suffering.

"When politicians, churchmen and medical societies asserted their claim that only they could make decisions for suffering and dying people, Dr. Jack Kevorkian had the strength of his own convictions to risk his own freedom, and at times to risk his own life for the rights of his patients - and ultimately for the rights of all of us," Fieger said.

Fieger said Kevorkian was not only his client but became his good friend.

"I had a very close, personal connection with Jack Kevorkian," said Fieger.

Kevorkian came to be known as Dr. Death and the cases sparked national debate about assisted suicide for the terminally ill. He served serveral years in prison for second-degree murder.


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