Wayne County Clerk says Conyers' petitions are insufficient

(WXYZ) - Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett says that the petitions filed by Congressman John Conyers are insufficient and his name should not be allowed on the Aug. 5 primary ballot. 

She released the following statement on Tuesday afternoon: 

"It is a very unfortunate circumstance that an issue with a circulator of a petition would disqualify the signature of valid registered voter. However, I am bound by the current laws and statutes of the State of Michigan that set forth very specific and narrow instructions regarding candidate petitions and the authority of the County Clerk.
Seeing that I do not have the authority to rule on the constitutionality of laws and statutes, that the County Clerks are bound by, it is my determination that in accordance with the current laws and statutes of the State of Michigan, the nominating petitions filed by Congressman John Conyers, Jr. are insufficient to allow his name to appear on the August 5, 2014 Primary Ballot.
Although I am not the final arbiter, I eagerly await the courts’ review of the constitutionality of the laws and statutes pertaining to petition circulators."

Garrett issued a report last week finding Conyers is more than 400 signatures short of 1,000 needed. The 84-year-old Democrat is at risk because officials believe two people don't appear to have been registered voters when they circulated petitions.

The Rev. Horace Sheffield III's staff filed the challenge.

Conyers would have three days to appeal Garrett's ruling to the Michigan Secretary of State.

Federal court actions, meanwhile, are taking aim at the requirement that petition collectors be registered voters.

Conyers first was elected to the House in 1964. He represents Michigan's 13th district, including Detroit and several suburbs.

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