Wayne County Prosecutor asks why Bob Ficano's office is docking her pay

(WXYZ) - Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says her paycheck is shrinking and she's blaming the county executive's office.

In letters obtained by Action News between the county executive's office and the prosecutor, Worthy asks why her pay was docked an extra 4% at the beginning of her new term, which started earlier this month.

Here's how this all started:

Back in 2011 the governor took a 10% pay cut. Per the Wayne County Code, elected officials also have to take the same cut. But because Worthy was in the middle of her term the cut did not apply to her. Still Worthy voluntarily took a 6% reduction.

Fast-forward to this month when her new term started and the county sliced out the extra 4% to match the governor's pay hit.

In Worthy's letter to the County Executive she says, not so fast – that she had a deal with the Ficano administration and that the extra 4% should not apply to her.

I spoke with County Executive's office and they say it's out of their control, because the county code ties elected official's salaries to the governor's.

We reached out to Worthy's office tonight after hours – we have not received a response.

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