West Bloomfield asks governor to remove township treasurer

(WXYZ) - Allegations against West Bloomfield Township treasurer Teri Weingarden are anything but simple.

Weingarden hasn't done anything criminal--but according to some of the board members, Weingarden's financial practices and how she's investing the township's money should be illegal.

So, the board voted to petition Michgian Governor Rick Snyder to remove Weingarden from office--it's something that hasn't been done since the 1980s.

"I trust that the governor and the attorney general will be ethical and honest in their investigation, so I look forward to clearing my name," said Weingarden. 

There were a handful of residents who stood up for Weingarden.  But what's interesting is that some who sided with the board, don't belive they have a strong enough case to send to the governor and think the board's investigation has been one sided and needs to be re-done.

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