West Bloomfield teacher charged with criminal sexual conduct

(WXYZ) - A West Bloomfield teacher was arraigned today on three misdemeanor counts of criminal sexual conduct involving a former West Bloomfield High School student.

Steven Larkin pleaded not guilty to the charges  in court today and was released on bond.

Police say in May, the 16-year-old and her family reported the incident to the school administration. The administration then contacted the West Bloomfield Police Department.

"Naturally we're as thorough as we can be," said West Bloomfield Police Lieutenant Tim Diamond, "And we have to make sure that everybody's rights are protected. And these are allegations at this point. He's presumed innocent until proven guilty. And we make sure we take every precaution in that regard."

The School District says in a letter to parents that Larkin was placed on an administrative leave of absence and that they are fully cooperating with the police department and the prosecutor's office and will monitor all developments as this matter moves forward to resolution.

"And I'm just like wow." said West Bloomfield senior Marcus Dikhow, "This is my old teacher I had two years ago. My football coach. It's crazy. I would never see him doing something like this. He was always a nice guy, outgoing, friendly. Just treated us like we were friends."

"Mr. Larkin has been an employee of our school district since 2006." said West Bloomfield School District Superintendent Gerald Hill, "And he's had no prior incidents like this.We pride ourselves on having safe and wholesome learning environment. And any student that has any concerns, we encourage them to have conversations with teachers at school, administration at school, their parents."

"I still see him as a teacher and a friend of mine because of how he looked out for me," said Dikhow, "He helped me with my grades and my teachers."

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