West Boomfied police and citizens mourn fallen officer

Patrick O'Rourke was a 12-year veteran

Outside of the west bloomfield police department flags few at half staff in commemoration of 9-11. Tuesday was supposed to be another business day, but one day after the death of officer Patrick O'Rourke, it's anything but business as usual in west bloomfield.

"We still have a primary law enforcement function at the township and we're still going to do our jobs," said Chief Michael Patton of the West Bloomfield Poilce Department. Like all departments West Bloomfield's is a brotherhood. The men and women who make up this particular brotherhood ar in mourning and the events that unfolded here, ultimately claiming the life of officer O'Rourke are still being investigated and are yet to be understood.

Officer O'Rourke was gunned down in the line of duty, allegedy by a man who may have been distraught over a failed marriage. Ricky Coley, the accused killer is dead as well following a 20 hour standoff that no one seemed to see coming.

The events that took place in this quiet upscale Oakland County community have left  in shock.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, four kids, a wife, it's very very sad. "

Neb Mekani felt it was necessary to pay it respects to the O'Rourke family and offer a gesturer of support. He says it's the least he can do to honor a man who lost his life protecting the people of west bloomfield.

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