What Lisa Kindred had to say to her sister

According to the affidavits, Lisa Kindred told Jodi Gonterman that if anything ever happened to her she should suspect her husband Will Kindred. According to the affidavits, from people who talked to Kindred's sister, Lisa also told her sister that if anything happened to her, she wanted Gonterman to have custody of her kids.

When Gonterman spoke with a Detroit homicide detective the day after her sister's murder, she told them that Will Kindred had abused Lisa's son from a prior marriage. When the detective asked whether Will might have had prior knowledge of the murder, she responded, "can't say for sure." 

Jodi Gonterman did not end up taking custody of Lisa's children after the murder. Lisa's son from a prior marriage, who was seven years old at the time of the murder, went to live with relatives in Pennsylvania. The other two children in the van, who were fathered by Will Kindred, are still living with him.

The Action News Investigators reached out to Jodi Gonterman through the Wisconsin Innocence Project and she declined to comment.

Read the affidavits and Gonterman's statement to police


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