What was the worst Valentine's Day gift you have ever received?

(WXYZ) - So, maybe you don't get exactly what you would like each and every Valentine's Day. But, was there one gift that just had you scratching your head?

We're curious! What was the worst Valentine's Day gift you've ever received? Maybe it wasn't a gift at all. Maybe you had a Valentine's Day disaster date.

Tell us your stories and we'll feature some of the best stories right here in this article.

We'll hope this year Cupid will have your back this Valentine's Day! 


Michelle writes:

My (obviously ex) boyfriend gave me a PAPER SHREDDER for Valentine's Day! With the lame explanation of "I knew you wanted one of these". Yes I did. Perhaps on your next stop at Target or Office Max. Not as my Valentine's Day gift!

Karen writes:

The worst present I have received was a cheap ring and watch set, the ring made my finger turn green. I brought my boyfriend a three piece outfit, he felt so bad he stole the gift he brought me and pretended he didn't know what happened to it. Of course we are no longer together this happen years ago back when people were selling Valentine's gift sets on the street corner.

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