What will the EFM impact be on public safety in Detroit?

(WXYZ) - Police unions say they aren't worried that Governor Rick Snyder named his emergency financial manager pick for the city of Detroit Thursday afternoon.

"I think it could be a good thing. We are kind of in disarray right now. I'm hoping he can do it. I think he's a business guy so it should work," said Detroit Police Commander Steven Dolunt. 

Commander Dolunt says he feels like police and fire have been cut back far enough already.  He is the police union president over the commanders in Detroit.

"I don't think we are going to lose jobs. I think it's going to help public safety and I think it's going to stabilize us."

His colleague, Mark Diaz, the president of the Detroit Police Officers Association echoes his sentiments. 

"I'd like to imagine that an EFM and the state, they recognize there is a serious problem with crime in the city of Detroit and we obviously need as many police officers as we can obviously have," said Diaz. 

Police officers have already been hit with a 10 percent pay cut and layoffs in recent months. The fire department hasn't faired much better also struggling to survive amid layoffs and closed firehouses. 

The president of the Detroit Fire Fighter's Association released a statement to 7 Action News showing his concern, saying in part:

"We are concerned that EM has complete control over our contract. This takes away our ability to bargain, and when it comes to safety we should have the ability to bring our concerns to our employer."

When we talked to residents living on the west side of Detroit, they had mixed feelings on what an EFM will mean for crime in the city.

"I'm not sure how effective it'll be. The whole thing is supposed to  work but so far I don't' think the track record that an EFM is any better than anything," said Detroit resident Warren Puckett.  

"The most important thing about it I believe is the people suffering, so you know, Detroit, we should all be waving our white flag," said Dwan Davis.  "We need the help.  Somebody help us."

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