What will you pay to fix the roads?

(WXYZ) - One day after Michigan Governor Rick Snyder proposed raising $1.2 billion to fix roads, some people are saying they can't afford it.

The governor's tentative outline calls for raising the Michigan gas tax which is now 19 cents a gallon and/or raising fees on license tabs. 

Governor Snyder says the increase would amount to $120 per vehicle on the road. The exact increases would be worked out in the legislative process. Ironically, some labor groups support this because it could mean as many as 12,000 jobs. 

They are the same labor groups who made Snyder public enemy number one in December when right to work legislation was made into law. 

The governor also surprised everyone when he was elected in 2011 with a proposal to tax pensions. The Governor got it passed. 

This debate could be similar.

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