When will Detroit's emergency manager be done?

(WXYZ) - Detroit's Bankruptcy is not likely to be done by October 1.  Will Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr stay on to see the case to the end? 

Orr told 7 Action News "I've never rolled off a job.  I want to get this job done."  Orr also told 7 Action News that Governor Rick Snyder could extend his term under Public Act 436, the Emergency Manager Law. 

"There's a lot of things the governor could do under 436," said Orr.   

However, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan does not see it that way.  The act does have a provision that two thirds of local elected officials can vote out the Emergency Manager after 18 months. 

"In a little over five months the elected officials will have responsibility over this city again," Mayor Duggan said today. 

And when asked if Orr's term could be extended by the Governor, Mayor Duggan said, "I don't believe the law allows them to extend his appointment."  

If bankruptcy is not finished, Duggan said, "I believe I could take over today without an emergency manager."  Governor Rick Snyder was at a public event in Detroit today but left out a back way. 

A spokesman told 7 Action News, the Governor did not have time to take questions.