Who is this mystery man offering a reward for details in the Jane Bashara murder investigation?

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The 7 Action News Investigators have new details about the Jane Bashara murder investigation.

Sources tell Action News that Bashara's SUV was towed to the Wayne County Medical Examiner's office with her body still inside.

Investigators wanted to have a pathologist see the body as it was left at the crime scene. Our sources tell 7 Action News that when police arrived on the scene that they found Bashara's body "between the front and back seat, partially on the floor."

Her purse and its contents were strewn about on the passenger side floor, the keys to the Mercedes were on the driver's side floor and there was "a prescription bottle" on the passenger seat. 

Bashara was wearing "black stretch pants, a greenish blouse, a bra and panties," our sources tell us. Authorities also found what were described as "house shoes" on the floor of the Mercedes.

At the medical examiner's office a pathologist noted that there was "heavy bruising on the upper chest and throat area."

7 Action News also learned that a couple of Bashara's finger nails were broken.

In another strange development, the 7 Action News Investigators spoke to a woman who is from the neighborhood where Bashara's body and car were found, and asked not to be identified. She told 7 Action News that around 11:15pm, the night before Bashara's body was found, her dog started barking wildly, looking out the rear window of her home toward the alley where Bashara's Mercedes SUV was dumped.

When she let the dog out, she says that the dog ran straight to the rear corner of the yard facing the alley.

"She was seeing something.  And then she stayed there about a half a minute, and she ran back like something had frightened her," the woman says.

Around eight o'clock the next morning, she says that she went to the back yard and saw the front end of the Mercedes SUV.

Later that afternoon, hours after the body was discovered, she says she got a visit from a stranger as she was backing out of her driveway.

She said the mysterious man is white, drove a white SUV, possibly a Honda or Nissan.  He had a receding hair line, salt and pepper hair, and was wearing a light beige jacket and pulled up in front of her house and blocked her driveway.  She said he asked if she knew anything about what happened in the alley behind her house.

"He said, ‘Well, ma'am, if you know and can lead anyone to the arrest and conviction of the person that killed my friend, you have a ten thousand dollar reward," she recalled.

She also said that the man handed her a scrap of paper, with the logo for the Grosse Pointe Academy on one side. His first name and phone number were scribbled on the back. She said that the incident made her uncomfortable, and that's why she asked us to hide her identity.

"I sat and I thought about it and my whole family told me to be very careful," the woman said.  "Do not go out by myself because there's nothing on television about a reward."

She is now wondering why this man, who is offering a reward, did not go public and instead drove through the neighborhood looking for witnesses.

7 Action News called the phone number that the mysterious man provided, but we only got a recording and the mail box was full.

If this man is offering a reward, we would like to hear from him, and get the word out to the public.

We have learned that just moments ago the mystery man has gone to the Grosse Pointe Park police. We will report more on that as we get the information. 

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