CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Wild police chase, shooting ends with arrest, seizure of drugs and money

(WXYZ) - All it took were seconds for a dangerous fight to break out between a Warren Police officer and a man he pulled over for a traffic stop.

Tuesday afternoon, the suspect, standing 6-feet-4 inches and weighing 350 pounds, pulled the officer into his car and stepped on the gas.

From dash cam video, the officer can be seen being dragged a few feet before struggling to get back on his feet.

It all started when the officer saw the suspect blowing through a stop sign.

At first, the traffic stop went smoothly when the suspect pulled over, but minutes later, the situation escalated into violence.

"The officer was going to place him under arrest,” said Warren Commissioner Jere Green.  “He actually doubled his cuffs up because the guy was so big and he attempted to put cuffs on and the guy started to fight him."

The chase then started down Van Dyke.

In the dash cam video, smoke can be seen where the suspect's Honda Civic clipped another car driven by a man on his way back from his lunch break.

The Honda got stuck for a moment, but the vehicle broke free and the chase was back on.

The suspect led the same officer down side streets and slammed into parked cars. Eventually, he drove into an alley.

"The officer gets out, the bad guy puts the car in reverse, accelerates, and goes toward the officer and the scout car,” said Commissioner Green.  “The officer fires three shots at that point from his duty weapon."

The suspect was shot twice but managed to take off in his car again.  He eventually came to a stop a short time later on Veach and Stockton on Detroit's west side.

It was there the man was taken into custody and rushed to the hospital.

According to Warren Police, officers found wads of cash and a lot of drugs inside the suspect’s car.

The officer is now in the hospital with a back injury.  He will be temporarily placed on paid leave while he recovers.


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